How to Get Backlinks to Your Site (In 10 Easy Ways!)

4 julio, 2023  

how to get backlinks

Appearing among the first results of a search result page is crucial for any business that’s looking to increase its exposure and gain traffic to its site. Among the best SEO techniques you can implement, Link Building stands out as an effective way to achieve all of that. However, for your work to bear fruit, you have to learn how to get backlinks without engaging in Back-Hat techniques.

In SEO, the rules are always changing, as Google’s system renews itself frequently to adapt to the internet and its users. That’s why, in this article, I’ll go over how to build backlinks in 2023 with good SEO practices. I’ll offer you 10 easy ways that can be effective no matter what industry you’re in and don’t require complex, specific knowledge.

Let’s go!


1. Create Linkable Assets

One of the oldest and most effective ways to build backlinks is by creating content that other websites will want to link to, like data-driven studies, long, in-depth guides, valuable graphics, or compelling videos

All of us have read an interesting article once and wished to share it with our friends and family. Well, that behavior is actually the reasoning behind Google’s rankings: relevant content will receive many backlinks because others find it worth sharing.

With a content marketing plan based on providing valuable knowledge and unique analysis on important industry-related topics, you will naturally attract links. Additionally, these types of organic SEO backlinks are the ones that Google values the most.

Pro tip:

Leverage your expertise and create in-depth content that’s engaging and accurate. If you feel like you lack original statistics, you can develop a unique but relevant analysis of already existing data. The goal is to come up with helpful content that bloggers and journalists will want to use and link to in their articles. 

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2. Use Content Formats Proven to Generate Links

The way users navigate online nowadays has changed. Before, users entered a specific keyword when searching for a topic, but it’s become increasingly common to make search queries in the form of questions, which are also called long-tail keywords.

Although valuable information will always attract backlinks, blog articles that address topics following a “Why” and “What” question format tend to receive a bigger influx of backlinks than other types of content. 

Additionally, infographics are another content type that has become quite popular among those looking to improve their SEO and get backlinks. Not only do they allow you to convey important information in a visual and engaging way but they’re also easy to share and link to.

Pro tip:

If you don’t have many “Why posts” and “What posts”, don’t worry. You don’t have to start writing from zero: you can edit your already existing articles to adapt them to these formats proven to generate links. Also, there are many digital marketing tools you can take advantage of to easily create infographics, like Canva or Visme.


3. Gain Business Association Links

Business associations are organizations whose goal is to bring companies from a specific area or industry together. Since they usually display their member directory, they can be a great way to get SEO backlinks while increasing exposure for your brand.

If you’re a member of an association, check whether you’re already listed on their website. In the case you aren’t, simply ask to be added. However, if you haven’t joined one yet, you should search for local associations that display their members online, review the benefits they offer, and consider joining.

Pro tip:

This strategy won’t be the answer to how to get backlinks consistently, but it can boost your SEO rankings, while building relationships with other organizations in your area and gaining exposure!

how to get backlinks


4. Try a Link Gap Analysis

A link gap analysis consists of finding sites that link to your competitors but not to you. It’s an effective way to get SEO backlinks because if a website has linked out to more than one of your competitors, they are likely to link to the type of content you post on yours, too.

The best way to carry out a link gap analysis is to focus on one specific page at a time. For example, if you have an in-depth article on a certain topic, search for competitors that are ranking well on the topic. Then, use an SEO Audit tool to analyze those pages, and voila— there’s a list of potential sites you could reach out to. Alternatively, you could hire a professional linkbuilding company to do the heavy lifting for you.

Besides guiding us on how to get backlinks, link gap analysis can also help you revise your content and learn why other sites might be preferred over yours. For instance, you might be concentrating on less relevant content or prioritizing a particular good or service. 

Pro tip:

I recommend that you analyze your competitor’s content and spend some time exploring their most linked pages to determine whether a particular topic is worth pursuing or how you can improve your pieces.


5. Start with Listicle Link Building

As you can probably guess from the name, listicles are articles that follow the form of a list, like “Top 20 Tools for Marketing” or “20 Best Types of Content to Keep in Mind. ” To effectively get SEO backlinks, you can look for relevant lists that don’t include your site yet, and reach out to pitch your business.

If you own a local business, aim at listicles about your city, like “Best Shops in [your area]”. 

Then, to filter articles that already link to you, you should use Google search operators, a highly valuable link-building tool. Specifically, the minus sign (-) tells Google to exclude results that include the following phrases. In your case, it should be your business’ name.

Pro tip:

When you reach out to these sites, it’s important to send a well-written, but compelling email explaining why you’re a good business to consider and how their readers would benefit from it. Today’s website owners are constantly receiving outreach emails from link builders, so carelessly reaching out with generic emails can be a big SEO mistake.

how to get backlinks


6. Provide Testimonials

A testimonial about your business can be a great content marketing strategy, but creating a few extra ones about other businesses can also be the answer to how to get backlinks to your website.

For instance, you can write a blog post highlighting products or services you love or create a video reviewing the most helpful tools you’ve encountered this year. If the products’ or tools’ owners or creators see it, they might link to your content or share it on social media. 

Pro tip:

Make sure that the products and services you review are relevant to your industry and work, but not a direct competition. Don’t prioritize quantity over quality. You shouldn’t come up with less valuable content just to gain links; focus on sharing useful information that’s relevant to readers instead. 


7. Gain Supplier Links

Many manufacturers and suppliers offer “Where to Buy” guides on their websites. That’s why, if you happen to sell their goods, you may be missing out on a great chance to start gaining SEO backlinks. 

So, make a list of all of your suppliers, and then check their websites to see whether they link to their retailers. Once you’ve got that, get in touch and ask them how to get your website listed and linked to.

Pro tip:

Among my best tips on how to get backlinks, I believe this is both an effective and easy one, as suppliers will probably be willing to link your store because it helps them promote and bring attention to their products.


8. Get Contextual Links

Sometimes informative or educational articles will feature additional resources to offer readers the chance to access more in-depth knowledge. That’s why we can often find a “Read More” section with links to other articles and relevant data. These are called Contextual Links, and they’re a really valuable way to gain backlinks because you can pitch them to websites that are already sharing related content. 

The most important part of this strategy is to find a suitable link prospect to reach out to, one that both addresses content related to what you’re promoting and also has a “Read more” section.

Pro tip:

Additionally, make sure to properly explain why your content deserves to be featured when you reach out to a website owner. Focus on the benefits your content will provide to their readers, or the reasons why that topic is really popular nowadays, and write a personalized and persuasive email. 

how to get backlinks


9. Turn Brand Mentions into Quality Backlinks

Claiming unlinked brand mentions sure is a simple answer to how to get backlinks to your site. Brand mentions are online references to your brand, your products, or anything related to you. Sometimes, people talk about you on the Internet but forget to link to your site, and here’s where you come in.

You can monitor who’s mentioning your brand on blogs, videos, or social media, and reach out to them with a friendly email asking them to link to your website. Some tools make monitoring easy, like BrandMention and Google Alerts. You can also reclaim links from articles covering events you organized or interviews with your company’s executives, for example. 

Pro tip:

What makes this technique especially effective is that authors who’ve mentioned you usually have a positive impression of your brand, so they won’t mind you being in their inbox, and it can be easier to get them to backlink you. Additionally, linking brand mentions gives readers a better experience by letting them click through and learn more about the brand mentioned. 

That’s a win, win!


10. Hire a Link Building Agency

If you were wondering how to get backlinks without spending all of your valuable time researching and reaching out to other website editors, then your answer lies in hiring a trustworthy backlink agency

Link building is more than getting links to your site: these have to be qualified and follow White-Hat techniques, or your website may get a penalty from Google. So, it’s fundamental to reach out to a company with a well-known reputation in the field.

There are certain things to keep in mind to gauge whether a provider is good for you. First of all, they should keep you updated on their and your progress, and offer a specific solution tailored to your needs. Also, they should be willing to share with you what they’re doing, even if there are one or two insider secrets they’ll keep.

Pro tip:

Make sure to find an agency that offers realistic timelines and goals. If someone tells you they’ll get you 100 links a day— you should start worrying. As I’ve mentioned, it takes some time to build high-quality links.


Wrapping Up

Today, we’ve gone over some effective tips on how to get backlinks. As you can probably see now, this SEO technique requires dedication, hard work, and patience to see results, but at the end of the day, it’s one of the most effective ways to increase your search engine rankings.

Additionally, once you get into the habit of earning backlinks, all of these actions will become easier. And as you build relationships with websites, and improve your domain authority, you may start to notice that other publishers start coming to you directly.

So don’t give up!