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Yum Yum Digital is an Company with over ten years of experience providing digital content services from small startups to Fortune 500 compaines.


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content marketing strategy


Best Content Marketing Strategies (with Examples to Learn from!)

Content marketing has changed the way we promote ourselves, and nowadays, it’s more than just creating and sharing articles or images. In fact, there are several content marketing strategies you can take advantage of to give a methodical approach to your inbound efforts. In this article, I’ll cover the best ways to draw in, keep, […]


Top 7 Link Building Tools You Should Definitely Check (Free & Paid)

Link building is one of the cornerstones of any successful SEO strategy. If your website has high-quality backlinks pointing to it, search engines will establish it as an authoritative source in your industry and niche. While backlinking can be quite a time-consuming and challenging process when you’re just getting started, there are link building tools […]

backlink strategy

LinkBuilding, SEO

Best 10 Backlink Strategies to Start Climbing the Ranks

If you’re struggling with your SEO efforts and not seeing the results you’re looking for, then I highly recommend that you start building a backlink strategy. With the right approach, you can get high-quality links to improve your pages’ rankings on the SERPs and your website’s authority as a whole. If this sounds like something […]

healthcare marketing


7 Best Healthcare Digital Marketing Strategies

Healthcare is a highly competitive industry. There are not only other small, local hospitals and offices that offer similar services to yours, but also conglomerate national-level institutions you have to compete with. In order to stand out and reach more potential clients, a comprehensive healthcare marketing strategy is key. By building a strong presence online, […]

domain authority

Marketing, LinkBuilding, SEO

What Is Domain Authority and How It Works

If you want to get started in backlinking or are planning a digital marketing strategy, then you must’ve surely come across the term “DA” accompanied by a number. But what is Domain Authority, and how does it affect you? In short, it’s a ranking metric used by many companies to analyze the results of their marketing […]


What Is Content Marketing? A Guide to Plan Successful Campaigns

Content marketing is at the core of any successful campaign, as it can make an uninterested person become a loyal customer. But knowing the ins and outs of it can be quite tricky. When I was starting out in the industry, I asked myself more than once, “What is content marketing?” Luckily, that is a thing of […]

healthcare social media


Top 10 Healthcare Social Media Tips to Grow Your Business

Companies from every industry have made the leap into social media, with most major brands being present across all platforms. Giving up the chance to carry out social marketing strategies is a waste of opportunities and a risk of losing customers to rival businesses. That’s why healthcare social media has become a necessity for hospitals […]

link building agency


The 7 Best Link Building Agencies Out There!

In this day and age, having a robust SEO strategy put in place is of utmost importance for any business looking to improve its rankings and boost its online visibility. And, as you probably already know, link building is a fundamental pillar of that strategy. But how can you find a reputable link building agency […]

SEO Mistakes


10 Most Common SEO Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

We often hear about what we should do to rank higher in search engines, but not so much about what we shouldn’t do. SEO mistakes cost you time and money, and they are easy to fall into because search engines like Google have many rules and community guidelines to follow, some of which most people […]


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Yum Yum VideosYum Yum Videos
Yum Yum VideosYum Yum Videos